Don´t miss these big invention events!

Yesterday we told you that the Inventor Shop will participate at the early bird Hamburg Lifestyle Fair. But not only in Europe also in the United States there are some major invention events coming up. You shouldn´t miss them.

Since 1958 the Minnesota Inventors Congress (MIC) has hosted an invention show in Redwood Falls, MN, now called the Invention & Idea Show. This event offers inventors an opportunity to test market their inventions, to network with other inventors and to talk to patent attorneys and consultants who are experts in the product development process. This year the Invention & Idea Show is scheduled on June 8 and 9th.

Only four days later the next big invention event starts.

INPEX, the Invention & New Product Exposition, is America’s largest invention trade show and will last from June 13th until June 15th in the Monroeville Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Operated by InventHelp INPEX provides a forum for inventors to exhibit their inventions and attempt to make contacts with companies interested in licensing, marketing or manufacturing new products.

Stay tuned, we keep you up to date!

Transparent – that´s how we operate!

We already told you about Inventorhaus, Inc., the Inventor Shops and some of its exclusive products. And since InventorHaus, Inc. is a transparent operating company, today we want to give you some deep insights.

InventorHaus, Inc. is a privately held company based in Miami, Florida, which offers inventors basic services such as research, prototype creation, and marketing materials, to the more complicated search for manufacturers or licensing, retail and wholesale distribution partners in Europe. In addition, product scouting is conducted on behalf of the Inventor Shops in Germany and Austria, where innovative products are presented, and offer inventors an outlet to test the market and present themselves to potential partners.

Established by Gerhard Muthenthaler and Marijan Jordan in 2011, InventorHaus, Inc., is part of the Erfinderhaus Patentvermarktungs GmbH group, based in Berlin, Germany. Erfinderhaus is a dedicated invention marketing and consulting company which also owns Erfinderladen retail shops in Berlin and Salzburg.

For the English-speaking market, the company also offers, an online platform for inventors, manufacturers, licensees and investors to meet and work together.

Keep track, step by step

Check this out! An innovative shoe by GTX Corp enables you to track your loved ones, elderly person with Alzheimer’s, children who wander and even track athletes in real time. You can find the location of the wearer with a few clicks on the internet, including a bread trail of where they have been.

And guess what!

The GPS Shoe will join pioneering inventions including antibiotics, the telephone, the internet, the steam engine, and vaccinations in an exhibition that focuses on the 100 most important inventions in the history of mankind. The one year exhibit debuts at the end of the months at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

No fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a blanket. This blanket had several sheets containing a traditional bedtime story…

The innovative bedtime reading quilt from designer Tiago da Fonseca completely involves the reader in the story and each page adds or removes a layer of comfort to each side of the bed – more pages make you warmer and comfier hopefully guiding you and your partner into a pleasant night’s sleep…

Dinnerware from fallen leaves

Can you believe that? To produce dinnerwear you only need two things: fallen leaves and water. VerTerra shows how, because the company´s environmentally-friendly plates, bowls and serving dishes are made from these two ingredients.

The innovative idea was born from the most simple and unexpected encounter. As his car bumped its way down a dirt road in rural India, Michael Dwork saw a woman soaking leaves in water, then pressing them in a crude waffle iron. She pulled out what looked like a plate and served food on it.

Though he can’t remember what he ate, that simple organic plate started Michael on a journey to refine what he saw that day into a stylish, durable and truly environmentally-friendly line of single-use dinnerware.

Founded on the belief that it’s possible to combine high design with the highest standards of environmental responsibility, VerTerra now redefines what stylish, sustainable and compostable disposable dinnerware can be. The company offers a chic touch of nature to each table.

Durable and versatile the dinnerware is lightweight yet sturdy and stands up to hot foods, hot/cold liquids, the hot sun and can even used to bake in the oven, store in the fridge and reheat in the microwave. And since VerTerra is all-natural there are no concerns about plastics, glues, lacquers, veneers or any toxins to leach into foods.

Ever heard of the Lincoln patent?

Presidents, especially the US ones, always attract a lot of attention. But there are some facts that aren’t commonly known. Well, that Barak Obama is the first African-American US-president and that he received the Nobel Peace Prize 2009 doesn´t sound new. But did you know that John F. Kennedy was so far the only Catholic American president and that he won a Purlitzer Prize.

And Abraham Lincoln? Do you know that he was the only United States President to hold a patent?

Want to know more? Read some quotes from Lincoln had a strong interest in new technology. As a young man he took a boatload of merchandise down the Mississippi River. At one point the boat slid onto a dam and was set free only after heroic efforts. In later years, while traveling on the Great Lakes, Lincoln’s ship ran afoul of a sandbar.

These two similar experiences led him to conceive his invention. In 1849 Abraham Lincoln received a patent for „A Device for Buoying Vessels Over Shoals“. Abraham Lincoln whittled the model for his patent application with his own hands out of wood. It is on display at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History.

The invention consisted of a set of bellows attached to the hull of a ship just below the water line. After reaching a shallow place, the bellows were filled with air that buoyed the vessel higher, making it float higher. The invention was never marketed, it was discovered that the extra weight the device added increased the probability of running onto sandbars, defeating the purpose of the invention.

California leads the USA in innovation, or does it?

Remember? We already told you about Utility patents. They are the most common patent type and a primary means of protecting intellectual property and technological innovation. IFI CLAIMS®Patent Services recently announced its top-50 ranking of global companies awarded the most U.S. utility patents in 2011. IBM remains in the first position, as it has for 19 years in a row, with a record of 6180 utility patents. Samsung trails second with 4894 and Canon replaces Microsoft in the third slot with 2821.

According to IFI, the USPTO issued 224.505 utility patents in 2011, an increase of two percent over 2010’s record breaking total. While preparing the 2011 Patent Intelligence and Technology Report, IFI analysts took a closer look at the 2011 US patent grants and in particular the location of the inventors named on these documents. Despite the obvious surge of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese companies in the Top 50 assignees, 50% of US patents in 2011 named US inventors.

Diving deeper into the US inventor information the IFI analysts could rank the States based on inventor data. In this case a patent is credited to a state if at least one of the patent’s inventors resides in the state. The top 10 states are shown below:

2011 US Utility Patent Grants
California 32,715
Texas 9,407
New York 9,263
Massachusetts 7,106
Washington 5,737
New Jersey 5,583
Illinois 4,933
Pennsylvania 4,746
Michigan 4,644
Minnesota 4,609

As you see California is the clear leader with respect to the overall volume of patents accounting for 15% of the total number of US utility patents granted in 2011. However when you factor in population, IFI analysts find Vermont at the top of list along with Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The figure below shows a graph of the top 10 states by number of utility patents granted, and the number of patents granted per 100.000 residents.

So what exactly is going on in Vermont that accounts for its performance? The IFI analysts looked at the assignees and found IBM accounting for most of the patent activity. How come? IBM has a large facility in Burlington that designs and produces semiconductors.