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Patent Offices Worldwide

Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | China | Czech Republic

Denmark | Finland | Germany | Hungary | India | Indonesia | Ireland

Israel | Italy | Japan | Korea | Latvia | Luxembourg | Malaysia

Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Romania | Russia

Singapore | Slovenia | South Africa | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland

United Kingdom | United States of America | European Union

Resources for Inventors

Directory of Intellectual Property Offices Worldwide

Guide to Patent Searching (University of Texas)

European Network of Patent Databases

International Patent Classifications

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (USA)

National Inventor Fraud Center – Educating inventors about invention marketing and patents

Patent Laws of the United States

World Intellectual Property Organization

Worldwide statistics on patents issued by main patent classification

Inventor Trade Shows

Archimedes International Innovation Salon (Russia)

Australian Innovation Festival (Australia)

British Invention Show (UK)

Brussels Innova (Belgium)

China International Patent Fair (China)

Concours Lépine (France)

Conference on Invention, Innovation and Commercialisation (New Zealand)

Conneticut Invention Convention (USA)

Consumer Insights in New Product Design & Delivery (USA)

Design at Work (Belgium)

FME International Invention Fair (Kuwait)

hi[11] – The Scandinavian Industry Expo (Denmark)

IENA – Ideas, Innovations, New Products Exposition (Germany)

ITM Poland (Poland)

InfoInvent (Moldova)

INOVA (Croatia)

Innovation Enterprise 2010 (USA)

Innovations and Inventions (Ukraine)

Innowacje International Exhibition of Inventions (Poland)

Invention & New Product Exposition (USA)

Inventions Geneva (Switzerland)

Licensing International Expo (USA)

Minnesota Inventors Congress (USA)

Product Development and Management Association Conference (USA)

Quality, Innovation & Knowledge Management (Malaysia)

Seoul International Invention Fair (Korea)

Sustainable Innovation 2010 (Netherlands)

Taipei International Invention Show (Taiwan)

World Genius Convention (Japan)

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Useful Websites for Inventors

Got Invention Radio

Inventor’s Digest – The Magazine for Idea People

National Inventor Fraud Center – Educating inventors about invention marketing and patents

Real Innovation

State of Innovation – Patent and Innovation Economics

The Patent Librarian’s Notebook

Will it Sell? – How to determine if your invention is profitably marketable

Country-Specific Links


China Association of Inventions

China Creative

China Intellectual Property Forum

China Intellectual Property Net

China Intellectual Property Rights Protection

China Patent Information Centre

China Patent InfoNet

China Patent & Trademark Office

Hong Kong Invention Association

International Association for Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) China Branch

IP Dragon

Shanghai Association of Inventions

State Intellectual Property Office


EAI – Energy Alternatives India

Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer

Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network – North (GIAN-North)

Honey Bee Network

India Innovates

Indian Innovators Association

India Invents

India Patent

Indian Patent Office

Indovations – Networking Indian Innovations with the World

NIF – National Innovation Foundation

National Institute of Design

National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board

Patent Facilitating Centre

Rural Innovations Network

Spicy India

SRISTI – Society for Research and Initiative for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions

TM India

Trademark & Patent Search India

Technology Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Information Service


Israel Patent Office

Israel Patent and Trademark News

Israel Technology Transfer Organization

The IP Factor

Bar-Ilan University Research & Development Co. Ltd

Ben Gurion University, Technology Transfer

Carmel-Haifa University Economic Corp. Ltd.

Ramot – Technology Transfer of Tel Aviv University

T³ – Technion Technology Transfer

Yeda – Research & Development of Weizmann Institute

Yissum – Technology Transfer of the Hebrew University


Institute of Intellectual Property (IIP)

Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII)

Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)

Japan Patent Information Organization (JAPIO)

Japan Patent Office


Asian Patent Attorneys Association Korea Group

Korea Intellectual Property Office

Korea Invention Promotion Association

Korea Institute of Patent Information

Korea Patent Attorneys Association

Korea Women Inventors Association (KWIA)

Patent in Korea

Seoul International Invention Fair


Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO)

Malaysia Design Innovation Centre

Malaysian Invention & Design Society


Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

Singapore ePatents

Singapore National Patent Information Centre

Singapore Patent Journal Permalinks ändern


Inventos y patentes


Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan (CNAIC)

Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan

Institute for Information Industry

Taiwan Invention Association

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

United Kingdom

British Inventors Society

Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN)

Innovation Pipeline Club

Innovators Counselling and Advisory Service for Scotland

Intellectual Property Office

The Institute of Patentees and Inventors

She’s Ingenious

United States of America

United States of America Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

USPTO Independent Inventor Resources

Association of Patent Law Firms (APLF)

Guide to Patent Searching (University of Texas)

Intellectual Property Management Institute (IPMI)

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (USA)

National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP)

Patent Laws of the United States

United States of America Design Patents Database

Invention, Innovation, & Technology Networks (Global)

Association for University Research and Industry Links (AURIL)

Entrepreneurs‘ Organization

Global Entrepreneurship Institute

Global Women Inventor & Innovators Network (GWIIN)

Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO)

International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (AIPPI)

International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)

International Federation of Inventors‘ Associations (IFIA)

International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA)

International Licensing Industry Merchandisers‘ Association (LIMA)

International Trademark Association (INTA)

IP Menu – Global Intellectual Property

Licensing Executives Society (LES)

Patent Information Users Group (PIUG)

Product Development and Management Association (PDMA)

Worldwide Independent Inventors Association

Invention, Innovation, & Technology Networks (North America)

Association of University Technology Managers

ibridge Network

Intellectual Property Institute of Canada

Intellectual Property Owners Association

Invent Now

National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP)

National Congress of Inventor Organizations (NCIO)

National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance

National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA)

National Technology Transfer Center

Patent and Trademark Office Society (PTOS)

Society of Research Administrators International (SRA)

United Inventors Association (UIA)

Invention, Innovation, & Intellectual Property Networks (Europe)

Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP)

Association of European Trademark Owners (MARQUES)

Danish Association for the Promotion of Inventors

European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA)

European Business & Innovation Center Network

European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA)

European Federation of Agents of Industry in Industrial Property (FEMIPI)

European Innovation Exchange (EIE)

European Patent Office

Enterprise Europe Network

Foundation For Finnish Inventions

German Inventors‘ Guild

Institute of Patentees and Inventors (IPI)

Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science

Invention, Innovation, & Intellectual Property Networks (Asia-Pacific)

Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Association (APIPA)

Asian Patent Attorneys Association


China Association of Inventions (CAI)

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

Indian Intellectual Property Law Resources (CIPRA)

Inventors Association of Australia

Knowledge Commercialization Australasia (KCA)

Japan International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT)

Malaysia Innovation and Commercialization Center

Malaysian Invention & Design Society

Singapore Inventors Development Society

Invention, Innovation, & Intellectual Property Networks (Middle East)

Arab Society for Intellectual Property

Invention, Innovation, & Intellectual Property Networks (South America)

Argentine Association of Inventors (AAI)

Asociacion de Inventores de Chile

Asociacion Mexicana de Proteccion a la Propiedad Industrial (AMPPI)

Asociation Chilena de Propriedad Industrial

Associação Nacional dos Inventores (Brazil)

Invention, Innovation, & Intellectual Property Networks (Africa)

African Intellectual Property Organization (AIPO/OAPI)


Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association

South Africa’s National Advisory Council on Innovation