Transparent – that´s how we operate!

We already told you about Inventorhaus, Inc., the Inventor Shops and some of its exclusive products. And since InventorHaus, Inc. is a transparent operating company, today we want to give you some deep insights.

InventorHaus, Inc. is a privately held company based in Miami, Florida, which offers inventors basic services such as research, prototype creation, and marketing materials, to the more complicated search for manufacturers or licensing, retail and wholesale distribution partners in Europe. In addition, product scouting is conducted on behalf of the Inventor Shops in Germany and Austria, where innovative products are presented, and offer inventors an outlet to test the market and present themselves to potential partners.

Established by Gerhard Muthenthaler and Marijan Jordan in 2011, InventorHaus, Inc., is part of the Erfinderhaus Patentvermarktungs GmbH group, based in Berlin, Germany. Erfinderhaus is a dedicated invention marketing and consulting company which also owns Erfinderladen retail shops in Berlin and Salzburg.

For the English-speaking market, the company also offers, an online platform for inventors, manufacturers, licensees and investors to meet and work together.

Get a Grip, Bunjee it!

Our variety of inventions includes products from all over the world. The Tea Diver and Tea Fishing, two extraordinary products from a design studio in Korea, we found at a design fair in Asia. Bunjee, the product we want to show you today and which also will be part of our product line at the Creativ Salzburg, we first saw at a design fair in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

As shown above, Bunjee is a mobile phone accessory that simply fits over the top of your phone and clips to your clothing or your bag, ensuring it never gets lost, damaged or stolen again.

Tomorrow we´ll show you another product for which we have exclusive distribution rights. So stay tuned…