Inspire yourself!

Are you an inventor looking for some interesting pages? Here are two books that might help you.

As described on the Barnes & Noble website The Mom Inventors Handbook gives practical step-by- step advice for putting inspiration into action. The book takes inventors from idea development to marketing and sales covering everything from market research to prototype development, manufacturing and licensing and debunks some common myths. It simplifies the invention process; even providing stories from real mom inventors sharing their ‚aha‘ moments and lessons learned.

In How to License Your Million Dollar Idea, as you can read on, Harvey Reese, reveals his system for creating commercially profitable ideas and his secrets for turning them into lucrative licensing agreements. Not only will you find nuts-and-bolts information on the licensing process, you ll also learn how to formulate an idea and find the motivation to grow that idea into a fortune.

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Want to go ghost hunting?

Remember the movie Ghostbusters?

The film stars Billy Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis as three eccentric parapsychologists in New York City, who start a ghost catching business.

For all of you who always wanted to do the same here is an innavative tool to work with: The Ghost Hunting Starter Kit. As written on the kit comes with serveral gizmos.

The EMF meter for example measures electro-magnetic disturbances (don’t be fooled by the TV), while the motion sensor detects activity in complete darkness. Along with those bits, you’ve also got some kind of listening device, a thermometer and a useful how-to book to deliver handy tips.

So catch them if you can…

A book about the goofiest patents

Where to begin, a lot of inventors wonder. Search the internet or read a book? There are many guidebooks out there, where young inventors as well as adults can find useful and inspiring tips how to turn their idea into reality.

But the invention business has another side too, the funny one and author Ted VanCleave looked at it. His book called Totally Absurd Inventions: America´s goofiest patents is available in English and Japanese.

Just read the description on and you know that you have some funny pages ahead of you: „Totally Absurd Inventions offers the best of the goofy from the millions of patents granted during the past 70 years. Each of the nearly 100 off-the-wall inventions unearthed for this collection features the detailed patent application illustration and a lively description of the bizarre proposed creation.

Need to know when your baby’s diaper is dirty? You’ll want to see the plans behind the Diaper Alarm. Little boys wanting to avoid playground kisses may find just what they need in the Kissing Shield. Want to add a unique Wisconsin twist to your cigarette? The Cheese-Filtered Cigarette might do the trick. Super Trash Man, the Cranium Cooler, the All-Terrain Stroller, and the Pet Toilet are just a few more of the zany but fascinating inventions highlighted in this compendium of creativity.

Author Ted VanCleave is himself an inventor of the weird. His award-winning Web site, Totally Absurd Inventions, began in 1997 after he conducted patent research for his own wacky invention, Inflatable Greeting Cards. That research uncovered similarly fascinating inventions that he’s shared with the more than two million people who have visited his web site, which has been named USA Today’s site of the week and attracted the attention of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.“

No fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a blanket. This blanket had several sheets containing a traditional bedtime story…

The innovative bedtime reading quilt from designer Tiago da Fonseca completely involves the reader in the story and each page adds or removes a layer of comfort to each side of the bed – more pages make you warmer and comfier hopefully guiding you and your partner into a pleasant night’s sleep…