How Can You Inspire Someone This Year?

Christmas is coming up soon and you are still looking for a present to inspire the children in your life? Many children are great inventors without even knowing it. They have always been making toys, gadgets or tools to simplify their daily chores.

Schools are encouraging these talents by offering contests or special programs. If you want to support your young inventors, the book ‘Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors’ is a great present to find under the Christmas tree.

Stories of other kid inventors are truly inspirational. Hard work and most importantly, a lot of fun helped these kid inventors bring their ideas to life. Kids and parents can learn more about competitions, patents, protection of intellectual property and many other details related to inventions. Tips from other kid inventors will help them believe in their ideas and show them an easy way to become a real inventor. There are many competitions to enter and awards to win, so let’s get them started.

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