Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

Global warming is not only discussed in the news on a daily basis, we can feel it, too. The summers are too cold with too much rain and winter is too warm and there is never enough snow. But since ice is made of water, and rain turns into snow at a certain temperature, three clever inventors thought of a way to solve this problem. Back in 1950, Art Hunt, Dave Richey and Wayne Pierce invented the snow cannon and went on to patent it. By forcing water and pressurized air through a cannon, artificial snow flies out. Indoor ski slopes use this method and many ski resorts make their season more reliable and longer.

The first resort to earn a place in history and use artificial snow is Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel. It was a family run hotel in the Catskill Mountains near Liberty, New York. Jennie Grossinger was the hostess in this hotel for many years. In 1952, Jennie decided to use artificial snow to attract more guests. The plan worked and the hotel quickly grew to a 35-building resort, serving 150,000 guests every year. Rocky Marciano is one of the best known regular guests, who would come and train at the resort during his fighting days.

Snow making has become more and more complex over the years to make it more efficient and the snow to last longer. Snow cannons are found in nearly every winter resort today however, they have a high energy and water consumption.

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