Already tried the Fruit Flavored Envelopes?

Sending mail is pretty easy these days. You just start your email program, type in a message and klick send. Nevertheless, every now and then you are faced with the dreaded lick of an envelope.

But take a lick at flavorlope…

They are a new line of lickable, scented and flavored envelopes created by a California-based husband and wife team. Ours is a story that began on a day much like any other. My husband, Chris, had been working from home stuffing envelopes for a business mailing.  When he returned from the Post Office, he had a twinkle in his eye and was grinning from ear to ear.  When I asked what had happened, he simply replied, “I think I just came up with a great idea!  Why hasn’t anyone ever invented a flavored envelope?”… you can read on their homepage.

Currently customers can choose between five different flavors: cherry, grape, orange, apple, and strawberry. Soon the company also wants to offer “Seasonal Lopes”  like candy corn, egg nog and ginger bread.

Time for America´s largest invention trade show!

Busy time for inventors! The Invention & Idea Show which was hosted by the Minnesota Inventors Congress (MIC) has just ended and tomorrow the next big invention event starts!

The Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX) is America’s largest invention trade show and will last from June 13th until June 15th in the Monroeville Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Operated by InventHelp INPEX is a unique trade show that showcases numerous inventions, new products and innovations that are available to license, market or manufacture.

Erfinderhaus is looking for new products for the number one teleshopping retailer QVC

Teleshopping and inventors have one thing in common: the success story. Without teleshopping many useful household appliances or tools would not have made their way to market.  QVC, which stands for quality, value and convenience, has recognized the potential of teleshopping long ago.

But before you can sell a product you have to develop it.

InventorHaus, Inc. helps inventors from their idea to market placement. As we already told you InventorHaus, Inc. is part of the Erfinderhaus group, based in Berlin, Germany. Erfinderhaus is a dedicated invention marketing and consulting company which also owns Erfinderladen retail shops in Berlin and Salzburg.

And here are some news! Together with its new partner QVC Germany Erfinderhaus is now looking for future bestsellers!

So if you have a market ready product or a very good product idea which is suitable for teleshopping selling, then please send us some information.

This offer goes out to all inventors who don´t want to deal with complex contracts or an own production. In case you have an unprotected idea you will receive a signed confidentiality agreement up front.

Interested? Then please contact Marijan Jordan at

Chill wine bottles – with the Corkcicle

Thank God it´s Friday and summer! Warm weather – cool drinks. But are you tired of ice buckets or ice cubes?

Now here is an innovative way to chill a wine bottle – the Corkcicle Wine Chiller. Made from food-grade freeze gel it’s reusable over and over again.

The sound of Mother Nature

Can you imagine that someone can make music from raw nature? It works and the someone is called Diego Stocco. He started small – with a bonsai tree, but by now he creates music with tree bark, orange peel, leaves, almonds, pees, coconuts or rice.

„I performed the whole composition by playing these natural elements, no synthesizers, samplers or additional sounds have been used“, the composer says.

The world’s oldest annual invention convention starts in three days!

One, two, three… Once again inventors are traveling from across the United States to test market their inventions and network with industry experts. Where they are heading to?

To Redwood Falls in Minnesota where the Minnesota Inventors Congress (MIC) hosts the world’s oldest annual invention convention. You can participate at the Invention & Idea Show this Friday and Saturday at the Redwood Area Community Center.

Since 1958 over 5,000 inventions have been showcased there. The event offers inventors an opportunity to test market their inventions, to network with other inventors and to talk to patent attorneys and consultants who are experts in the product development process.

For more information you can also call 507 627 2344 or email at

A new „facebook for inventors“

Have you already heard of Marblar? It´s an invention, well actually a social network for inventors, an Oxford University postgraduate student came up with. The Telegraph calles it „the facebook for inventors“.

According to the article the network allows inventors to post their discoveries and researchers are encouraged to pitch their ideas on how the inventions could be used commercially.

The site plans to launch over the summer. It is currently in discussions with individuals, companies, universities, charities and a Formula 1 team to have their scientific discoveries placed on the network.

Marblar has also already attracted the attention of IP Group, a London-listed business that commercialises intellectual property from universities.

Let ink show you the date

Huuuch, how time goes by! It´s already weekend again!!!

To show how fast time actually is designer Oscar Diaz came up with a calendar using the capillary action of ink on paper.

The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers in the calendar are “printed” daily. One a day, they are filled with ink until the end of the month. A calendar self-updated, which enhances the perception of time passing and not only signaling it, that`s how the designer describes his work.

A self-stirring pot

You like pasta but you are tired of stirring the water to prevent the noodles from resting against the hot bottom on the pot? Thanks to Hideki Watanabe, a dentist from Japan, you don´t have to anymore. He invented the Kuru-Kuru Nabe or the “Round and Round Pot”.

As described on the pot puts basic thermodynamics to work so you don’t have to. The secret is the sculpted sides of the pot, something Watanabe came up with while experimenting with dental plaster at his office. As water in the pot begins to warm up, it rises, but the spirally angled sides of the pot direct the flow into a circular direction.

By the way, it doesn´t only work with noodles, but also with vegetables or eggs.

The possibilities of Augmented Reality…

No invention without creativity… But not only inventors must be very innovative. When it comes to sell a product advertisers have to be too. Here´s an example from the ad agency OgilvyAction from Taiwan.

As described on their homepage in order to sell more Philips Grooming Kits, the agency had to initiate young men into the art of facial hair.

And since the hair salon is where men are most receptive to suggestions about their looks and open to try something new the idea was to transform the whole established hair cutting ritual into a unique opportunity to introduce and demo the new product.

The highlight of the experience was a low-tech ‚Augmented Reality‘ mug (brought with the salon beverage) that allowed men to experience facial hair without inhibitions in a fun and personal way. Look!