A door mat which cleans your shoes

Are you tired of cleaning your home just because people can´t take off their shoes and spread dirt all around the rooms? Wouldn´t it be nice to have a door mat which automatically cleans the shoes of every person coming in?

Here it is!

The Japanese invention vacuums dirt from the soles of shoes as soon as somebody steps on it. As described on designtaxi.com the dirt gets collected in a container while your rooms stay clean.

Just watch the video to see how it works!

A self-stirring pot

You like pasta but you are tired of stirring the water to prevent the noodles from resting against the hot bottom on the pot? Thanks to Hideki Watanabe, a dentist from Japan, you don´t have to anymore. He invented the Kuru-Kuru Nabe or the “Round and Round Pot”.

As described on inventorspot.com the pot puts basic thermodynamics to work so you don’t have to. The secret is the sculpted sides of the pot, something Watanabe came up with while experimenting with dental plaster at his office. As water in the pot begins to warm up, it rises, but the spirally angled sides of the pot direct the flow into a circular direction.

By the way, it doesn´t only work with noodles, but also with vegetables or eggs.

It´s not what it looks like!

The funny mouth piece called Face Slimmer is an anti-aging product from Japan.

To use it effectively you’re supposed to wear it while reciting the vowel sounds of the alphabet three times in a minute, twice a day.

As a result users will have a younger looking face and no wrinkles around their eyes, says the cosmetic company, which produces the item.

Jeans with special effects

Do you like crazy clothes? Yes? Well, then the Scratch-n-Sniff Scented Denim might be of your interest. The jeans actually smell like raspberry candy when scratched. Naked & Famous Denim, the company which invented them says the effect is created by coating the denim fabric with a special coating that contains mini microcapsules. The coating is applied and then baked into the denim. The tiny capsules have a bit of perfume inside and as you scratch them the scent is released.

Naked & Famous Denim also came up with jeans you can charge up with light (can be natural sunlight or artificial bulb light) and then shut the lights and watch ‘em glow! The jeans will also glow intensely under UV light, so if you wear them in a club with a blacklight, your pants will appear neon green!

According to the company these kind of jeans work because they apply a phosphorescent coating to the fabric in Japan. This coating is baked into the fabric and will absorb light and slowly release that light with an emanating green glow, just like Glow in the Dark stickers. Another fun aspect of the jeans is after you beat them up a bit the wear patterns will cause the coating to fade in certain parts of the jean and will create a unique piece of glowing art.