A self-stirring pot

You like pasta but you are tired of stirring the water to prevent the noodles from resting against the hot bottom on the pot? Thanks to Hideki Watanabe, a dentist from Japan, you don´t have to anymore. He invented the Kuru-Kuru Nabe or the “Round and Round Pot”.

As described on inventorspot.com the pot puts basic thermodynamics to work so you don’t have to. The secret is the sculpted sides of the pot, something Watanabe came up with while experimenting with dental plaster at his office. As water in the pot begins to warm up, it rises, but the spirally angled sides of the pot direct the flow into a circular direction.

By the way, it doesn´t only work with noodles, but also with vegetables or eggs.

An ultimate stove top

Do you like to cook? Then this invention might be something for you.

The William is an innovative stove top concept that utilizes the full surface area potential for cooking. It also ditches knobs and dials for touch screen control. Check it out!