Erfinderhaus is looking for new products for the number one teleshopping retailer QVC

Teleshopping and inventors have one thing in common: the success story. Without teleshopping many useful household appliances or tools would not have made their way to market.  QVC, which stands for quality, value and convenience, has recognized the potential of teleshopping long ago.

But before you can sell a product you have to develop it.

InventorHaus, Inc. helps inventors from their idea to market placement. As we already told you InventorHaus, Inc. is part of the Erfinderhaus group, based in Berlin, Germany. Erfinderhaus is a dedicated invention marketing and consulting company which also owns Erfinderladen retail shops in Berlin and Salzburg.

And here are some news! Together with its new partner QVC Germany Erfinderhaus is now looking for future bestsellers!

So if you have a market ready product or a very good product idea which is suitable for teleshopping selling, then please send us some information.

This offer goes out to all inventors who don´t want to deal with complex contracts or an own production. In case you have an unprotected idea you will receive a signed confidentiality agreement up front.

Interested? Then please contact Marijan Jordan at

A magic remote control

Are you that kind of person who´s always looking for the remote control? Or does your partner have the exclusive right on it? Either way, here might be the magic solution: The Kymera Magic Wand.

Yes, you have read right and it´s no left over from a Harry Potter movie. It´s a real substitute for your common remote control!

It uses gestures instead of buttons and can convert up to 13 different hand gestures into infrared signals. To turn the volume up or down for example you simply have to make a clockwise or counter-clockwise gesture.

Want to learn more about the magic remote control? Then read the operator´s guide or watch the video below.

Calling for Kitchen Inventions

Are you an inventor with a food related product? Well, this might be for you then: Lucky Dog Films is currently casting for a new Food Network Television series called „Kitchen Inventors“. They are especially looking for inventors that have food-related inventions. So if you think you have an invention and you would like to participate to get your product going, it should fulfill the following conditions:

1. Your invention should be at a minimum patent-pending.
2. You must have a real working prototype.
3. You need an outgoing personality and be comfortable appearing on TV.

So if you think that you and your product are just what Lucky Dog Films is looking for, click here to submit your idea.