Speed up your way

You just can´t wait to leave the office and enjoy the weekend? Here is a nice little gatget to speed up.

According to coolest-gadgets.com the Electric Skates are motorized electric roller skates which are able to propel a wearer at a top speed of up to 8 mph. All you need to do is strap the skates on over your shoes, ensure the dual fasteners are securely and sufficiently tightened, and let the 80-watt motor on each skate get to work. With a handheld wireless remote control you can adjust the speed.

A magic remote control

Are you that kind of person who´s always looking for the remote control? Or does your partner have the exclusive right on it? Either way, here might be the magic solution: The Kymera Magic Wand.

Yes, you have read right and it´s no left over from a Harry Potter movie. It´s a real substitute for your common remote control!

It uses gestures instead of buttons and can convert up to 13 different hand gestures into infrared signals. To turn the volume up or down for example you simply have to make a clockwise or counter-clockwise gesture.

Want to learn more about the magic remote control? Then read the operator´s guide or watch the video below.