Interview with Inpama Creators Jordan and Muthenthaler

Erfinderladen Jordan Muthenthaler

“As an inventor you always solve a problem, If it's (just) your problem, it's your problem. But if it's a problem someone else also has, it's a product. That's the difference.”

In this recent radio interview the two entrepreneurs talk to dw-world Journalist Susan Stone about their beginnings, the idea behind their first „Erfinderladen“ (Inventors Shop) in Berlin and why they founded the „Inventors Day“ and finally created You can read the interview here.

Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2010

The SIIF takes place under the patronage of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) as a platform for patent information exchange and technology transfer to help individual inventors, researchers and enterprises applying for patents and commercializing their inventions. Representatives from patent offices, technology transfer organizations and IP related institutions from all over the world will be expected. A symposium on marketing and commercialization will complete the programme.

When: Dec. 2 (Thu) – 5 (Sun) (4 days) / 10:00 ~ 17:00 ( 7 hours / day)

Where: Pacific Hall, COEX, Gangnam-Gu, Samsung-Dong, Seoul, Korea

SIIF 2010 ist the Largest Annual Invention Fair in Asia : A Gateway to the World Market
– Is organized to market your inventions and to promote information sharing.
– Is a 4-day event where inventors and researchers showcase their new ideas and products to manufacturers, investors, distributors, licensing firms, and the general public.
– Marketing experts, IP information suppliers, patent attorneys, and technology transfer firms will also participate in the exhibit to help participants commercialize their inventions.

– Will be under the patronage of the Korean Intellectual Property Office and will be supported internationally by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA)

– Will feature a symposium on marketing and commercialization.

– Stems from the Korea Patent Technology Exhibition, a national exhibition of outstanding inventions that has been held since 1982.

I’m looking forward to beeing there again. See you in Seoul.

Marijan Jordan

2010 Taipei International Invention Show

Tomorrow sees the start of the 2010 Taipei International Invention Show. The 6th Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart (Taipei INST) is the next to the Seoul Invention Show the second largest platform for international Intellectual property trade and technology transfer in Asia.

2010 Taipei Invention Show

The purpose of INST is to stimulate the internationalization and commercialization of Intellectual property and innovative technology. To attract greater opportunities regarding to venture capital among international Intellectual property trade and technology transfer. To demonstrate the innovations among Taiwanese industry, government and academic institutes; to increase the understanding of general public regarding to IP and the innovations. The ultimate goal is to invite everyone to know Taiwan, come to Taiwan, and invest in Taiwan.

Inventor’s Trade Fair iENA Nuremberg 2010

The inventor’s Trade Fair iENA Nuremberg is the international hub of invention for four days. As the only trade fair of its kind in Germany, the iENA, International Trade Fair for “Ideas-Inventions-New Products”, invites you to the Nuremberg Trade Fair Center from October 28-31, 2010. Global economic problems are increasing interest in innovative product ideas and real problem solutions. With this background, the iENA was able to set a new record last year with almost 800 inventions from 33 countries and specialized visitors from 44 nations.

The iENA 2010 will once again impressively demonstrate that the creativity of inventors is nearly inexhaustible. Due to the strong exhibitor demand, the organizer, AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen, considers it likely that the record turnout from the previous year will be repeated. The high level of exhibitor satisfaction at the last trade fair in 2009 should also contribute to this. In a questionnaire, 75% assessed the contact opportunities at the iENA as very good and good, 17% were satisfied and only 4% were dissatisfied. Around a third of all exhibitors were able to make deals during the trade fair.
On the first two days of the iENA, only specialized visitors have access. On October 30/31, the general public can also get an overview of the newest inventions.

Project 10 to the 100 – Ideas for the world

Google presented the 5 best Ideas and puts money on the table to help them become more than just ideas.

The Ideas:

Idea: Make educational content available online for free

Project funded: The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that provides high-quality, free education to anyone, anywhere via an online library of more than 1,600 teaching videos. We are providing $2 million to support the creation of more courses and to enable the Khan Academy to translate their core library into the world’s most widely spoken languages.
Enhance science and engineering education

Idea: Enhance science and engineering education

Project funded: FIRST is a non-profit organization that promotes science and math education around the world through team competition. Its mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by giving them real world experience working with professional engineers and scientists. We are providing $3 million to develop and jump start new student-driven robotics team fundraising programs that will empower more student teams to participate in FIRST.
Make government more transparent

Idea: Make government more transparent

Project funded: Public.Resource.Org is a non-profit organization focused on enabling online access to public government documents in the United States. We are providing $2 million to Public.Resource.Org to support the Law.Gov initiative, which aims to make all primary legal materials in the United States available to all.
Drive innovation in public transport

Idea: Drive innovation in public transport

Project funded: Shweeb is a concept for short to medium distance, urban personal transport, using human-powered vehicles on a monorail. We are providing $1 million to fund research and development to test Shweeb’s technology for an urban setting.
Provide quality education to African students

Idea: Provide quality education to African students

Project funded: The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a center for math and science education and research in Cape Town, South Africa. AIMS’ primary focus is a one-year bridge program for recent university graduates that helps build skills and knowledge prior to Masters and PhD study. We are providing $2 million to fund the opening of additional AIMS centers to promote graduate level math and science study in Africa


Insider Secrets to Launching Your Product on Television

Best selling author of „Make Millions Selling on QVC: Insider Secrets to Launching Your Product on Television and Transforming Your Business (and Life) Forever“ talks about how to get your new product or invention on home shopping channels.

Whether you are a novice inventor or proven product developer, Nick Romer’s story is proof that anyone with a great product and the desire to get it into the hands of millions of people can make it happen.

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