Tomorrow`s inventors

Don´t you sometimes wish to see the world through children´s eyes? They see it from a different point of view. Much easier and jet still logical. At the same time children are very inventive and creative and have a lot of ideas. And they also have their own website to learn more about invention and creativity.

The inventive kids website has a playful, informative and engaging content. With the launch of the inventive kids blog, children can experience invention and innovation in “real time”. The blog aims to nurture the creative spirit in children and to provide helpful information to teachers and parents.

A Council for Florida Inventors!

Today we would like to introduce you to another source of help. If you have an invention and you would like to gain knowledge about the experience of other inventors, associations are usually a good way to start. They can provide assistance and real live experience on the basis of non-profit organizational structures. These are always good for inventors who do not want to spend money on services provided by companies.

The Inventor’s Council of Central Florida is an organization to encourage creative people and give educational advice. It has been formed in the 1950’s and is continuously running since 1974 by entrepreneurs, teachers, engineers, moms and many others but most importantly inventors wishing to help other inventors. At their monthly meetings in Orlando, Florida, the council is aiming to create a comfortable, informal atmosphere where information, skills and ideas are exchanged. All under a non-disclosure agreement, of course.

The council invites guest speakers, such as patent attorneys and successful entrepreneurs but also venture capital group representatives. They also organize workshops for their members on a regular basis and provide judges in various national and international invention award competitions. So if you have an invention and you are looking for real life experience and help, this might be a good start.