Inventorhaus, Inc. acquires Indian Open Innovation Site

While the inpama blog keeps you up to date about latest inventions from all over the world and spreads news about InventorHaus, Inc., the website,, serves as a marketplace for ideas.

After IdeaTango the Miami based company has accomplished jet another take over. InventorHaus, Inc. acquired the Indian Open Innovation Site!

Ideawicket originally was established to connect science and technology innovators with innovation seeking businesses and non-profits. It was an Open Innovation intermediary based in New Delhi, India and sought to bring together innovators and innovation seekers on a common problem solving platform. The Ideawicket innovator community hails from top engineering and science programs in India and abroad.

In order to give all users instantly and further on the possibility to present their invention to a huge network and inventing community, at the moment the site is forwarded to Check it out it´s free of charge!