Half a spoon – no more no less

Did it ever happen to you? You had someone over for coffee and you asked the person if he likes the coffee with milk and sugar. The answer was: „Milk please and half a spoon of sugar.“ And there you were trying to figure out how to make the coffee not to sweet.

Another example: According to a recipe you had to add half a spoon of something and you asked yourself how can I measure it right. Well, here is the answer, and it is simpler than you might think.

Just take half a spoon. No more, no less.

Coffee made with the help of science

Do you also start your day with a cup of coffee? Here is an innovative idea, which may not substitute George but at least modern coffee machines: The Vacuum Brewer. It´s easier than you might think, just make your coffee with science!

As described on thinkgeek.com Vacuum brewing is exceptionally effective at extracting all the flavor from the coffee grounds without the more „chewy“ texture of the french press method.

Now how does it work? With vapor pressure! During the process of brewing, the rapid expansion and contraction of gasses pushes the liquid from vessel to vessel.

Want to see how it works? Watch the video below and enjoy…