SIP-CORE: An innovative hydration system

Sure it happened to you too. While driving a car or doing sports you opened a can of coke or a water bottle and splash – spilled the liquid all over you. Well, here´s an innovative solution: SIP-CORE.

SIP-CORE is a hydration system with which all kinds of liquids can be absorbed without spilling. When using it you don´t even need your hands!

SIP-CORE can be screwed onto any standard bottle. In combination with a flexible liquid container (pouch), with and without hose connection, SIP-CORE is a very safe and versatile system for easy, hand-free drinking. It can be used in the geriatric care, for children, on trips, while driving a car, riding a motorbike or doing sports, even to supply military troops.

Since the SIP-CORE hydration system can be produced from biodegradable materials, it also provides a significant ecological advantage. Furthermore the liquid absorption in small sips prevents from dehydration and improves concentration and performance.

Take a deep breath

Want to see another innovative fair product, which retailers will find at our fair stand at the Creativ Salzburg?

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