We were Creativ!

The weekend is over and so is the Creativ Salzburg, Austria’s only trade fair for gifts, habitat accessories and lifestyle items. We had a great time and met a lot of retailers! Some of them were just flashed as they saw our innovative product line.

At our stand we showed exclusive inventions such as the Tea Diver, Tea Fishing, innovative postmarks, the Bunjee or Alpine air and some prototyps.

And the next fair about inventions and innovations at which we will participate is already coming up. See you from 22. – 23. March at the „Genial invention fair OWL“ in Gütersloh, Germany!

Take a deep breath

Want to see another innovative fair product, which retailers will find at our fair stand at the Creativ Salzburg?

Well this one you can rather smell than see, but on the other hand you will never run out of fresh air. Our Alpine air in a can is coming straight from the Alps, filled up in Salzburg, Austria.

For all who like the smell of fresh air, want to have a typical Austrian souvenir or just a funny little accessoire…