Color up your invention – but watch out how!

What´s your favourite color? Red, blue, yellow?

Today the United Inventors Association of America released an interesting article about colors and which effect on consumers they have. Being an inventor who wants to give his product the right design colors are very important. Why? Because they evoke emotions.

Red: Sparks ideas of love, passion, heat and danger.

Yellow: Is a color synonymous with happiness

Orange: Retains the energy and welcoming of yellow, while keeping the heat and passion of red

Bright Blue: soothing, cool, and pleasant

Medium Blue: Coldness, feelings of loneliness and depression

Navy Blue: suggests formality, authority, and tradition

Green: Money, wealth, affluence but also nature and soothing.

Black: Commands respect. Simple bold with richness and honor.

Aqua: reminds of peace, calm and still.

So as an inventor designing a product you should also keep the color wheel in mind: choose well and consider which emotions people should get when seeing your finished invention!

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