Invention Help Free EBook Released

Many inventors struggle to get their idea developed into a real product that sells. We asked inventor and author, Ron Docie, Sr. to share how to turn an invention into reality. The resulting ebook, “From Invention to Reality: How to Get Your Invention Into Production” is available via a free download at

Many inventors worry about people stealing their ideas. Yet at the same time, most inventors never seem to be able to get their invention developed.

This free ebook covers the most common questions asked by inventors. It tells readers how to protect their ideas, the steps of product development, whether to manufacture or license the product and even how to tell if your invention will sell.

These answers come from Ron Docie, Sr who has over 30 years’ experience in getting inventions into production. His own inventions are found in thousands of retail outlets. As an agent for inventors, Docie has negotiated licenses with such companies as General Motors.