Inventorhaus, Inc. acquires!

Each day the huge network of InventorHaus, Inc. is getting bigger and bigger! The most recent examples is, which now also belongs to the Miami based company.

IdeaTango originally operated a website for inventors. It also offered education and resource libraries, contests, and bulletin boards for inventors; and invention listings, support business directories, discussion forums, and advertising platforms for inventor-support service providers, such as patent attorneys, designers, prototypers, and consultants. It also provided directories of products and inventions, as well as a platform to solicit inventions that meet business models for businesses looking to acquire new inventions.

In order to give all users instantly and further on the possibility to present their invention to a huge network and inventing community, the site was forwarded to Check it out it´s free of charge!

It´s just like Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler, the founders and owners of InventorHaus, Inc. say: „As long as there are people who have ideas, our success story can only continue“.