Charm your barbecue

Do you like barbecues? Steak and grilled chicken… sounds delicious… but did it ever happen to you that you got the wrong piece of meat because the cook mixed it up?

Leslie Haywood can tell you about it. „While sitting down to eat at a dinner party I was hosting, my husband served me an extra hot Jamaican Jerk piece of chicken instead of a mild one because he had forgotten which pieces were which. After this very memorable and very spicy light bulb moment I have felt what I can only describe as a compulsion to insure every American gets what they want – how they want it – hot off the grill“.

And that´s why she invented Grill charms.

The charms come in different boxes. While the steak collection includes the letters R (for Rare) MR (for Medium Rare), M (for medium) and MW (for Medium Well) the spicy collection has designs of peppers representing varying degrees of heat (Mild, Medium and Spicy).

And that´s how it works:

Before you grill, you Grill Charm your meat with the desired charm. While cooking, the grill master knows which ones have to be cooked to which temperature. When dinner comes off the grill, there is no more cutting to find the one you want, no more guess work, or settling for something you don’t like.

You simply look for your Grill Charm. Bon appétit!

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