Odd or Useful? But Still Inventions!

There are different categories when talking about inventions. Previously we have seen the best inventions, the worst inventions and among others inventions we take for granted. But there is another category we cannot miss: the oddest inventions. Usually, the inspiration for inventions derives from problems or challenges crying out for solutions or simplifications. Odd inventions can also tracked back to this inspirational channel however, they are also funny and stylish.

Here are some examples: Fish n’Flush This unusual toilet serves a dual purpose: as a waste receptacle and as an aquarium. Many people have already introduced goldfish to the toilet, but usually that happens when they die. The Fish n‘ Flush is an actual kit that turns your toilet tank into a living space for your pet fish an aquarium. It comes with simulated reef and real fish. Fish n‘ Flush is meant to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. However, PETA might protest the view to which the poor fish living in the toilet tank will be subjected!

Hello Kitty Key Board Cleaner Every little girl loves Hello Kitty. But grown ups love Hello Kitty, too. There is another gadget in the Hello Kitty world that we can introduce to our offices and which helps us to keep our keyboard clean from dust, food or bread crumps. It is USB driven and comes in a variety of brushes which blow away any sandwich leftovers that might have ended up in between the keys. Most users probably buy it because it also a cute little toy to decorate the desk. But in the world of key board cleaners, it is also recommended as very easy to use. You don’t need to have batteries, just simply attach it to the USB port of your computer and it works. It not only cleans the keyboard, the different brushes also clean the screen and any other devices you have attached to your computer.

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