Inventions for Traveling

The article „The Travel Inventions we Really Need“ describes inventions frequent travelers came up with to make our lives easier. The famous Jetpacks are not always part of it.

Electronic consumer goods like laptops, iPads and Kindles give us the opportunity to travel lighter and can be even seen as prerequisites to keep us from hanging around airports and being super bored.

But what about a navigation system that reassures you that you are going the right way? Or a plastic bag that does not make any noise to avoid waking up the entire dorm in the hostel?

Innovations in the travel industry have come a long way, but there is still room for more. If we look back ten years, traveling by car, train or plane seemed less comfortable, required greater preparation and was less flexible. Today we book flights on our smart phones, check in online and get to the airport 30 minutes prior to take off. We don’t have to pack way in advance to make sure we have everything. Everything and anything can be bought, ordered or picked up along the way.

Have you ever wondered why you still need to take off your belt and shoes every time you go through security at the airport? We are in the 21st century and one would think that by now, a machine had been invented that knows the difference between a harmless belt and dangerous goods.

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