Tune in and get help.

Got Invention Radio is a radio show, that offers a program dedicated to all inventors and entrepreneurs. In their weekly show experts, successful inventors and business mentors share their experience and resources to help with ideas and inventions.

Tune in on Thursdays at 8pm E.T./5pm P.T. on www.gotinvention.com to follow the show hosted by Brian Fried. Listeners can also email or call in and ask questions during the show.

The radio host Brian Fried is an inventor himself and founder of the company Think Up Design. He holds 4 patented inventions and 3 additional inventions that are patent pending. After many years of lecturing in libraries, for inventor groups and several schools, he started a live weekly radio show called Got Invention Radio and has recently partnered up with Inventors Digest.

In the last show on September 29, 2011 he welcomed United States Patent & Trademark Office Commissioner Bob Stoll to talk the latest new in the United States Patent laws. They discussed how the new law, which was signed by President Barack Obama on September 16, will give more certainty for patent applicants and owners and also provide the USPTO with the needed resources to work more efficient when issuing patents.

In his next show on December 1, 2011 Brian will introduce Survey Monkey, a system to prepare a survey and get the public’s opinion about your invention.

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  1. All shows from Got Invention Radio http://www.gotinvention.com are archived so you can listen or download past shows anytime- there are about 100 interviews available for free including Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, AJ Khubani from Telebrands, Inventor relations from Hasbro, J & J, Quirky.com, Thomasnet.com and even the inventor of the cell phone! there are many more so inventors should use this website to get help and hear from many resources to help with their inventions

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