Service Please vs. No Wishes

Popular Restaurants , Bars and Delis tend to get busy especially during lunch or dinner time. And surely everyone is familiar with a situation where the service staff is either nowhere to be seen or does not give us enough time to make a decision.

Two German inventors, Moritz Engelhardt and Frieder Schrenk, recently came up with an idea that very easily solves this challenge for both, guest and waiting staff. It also gives discreetly but still highly visible and innovative room for advertising on the table. The advertising device “Service Ampel” (Ampel is the German word for signal lights or traffic signal) is placed on each table and operated by the guests themselves. Other than the signal lights we know, it works with two colored sides and no further energy is needed.

When the guests sit down to read the menu and make their choices, the Ampel gets turned green to the “no wishes” –side, letting the waiter or waitress know that there is still time needed. However, is the device turned red to the “service please” –side , it discreetly tells every service personnel that the guests are ready to order. Througout the entire visit, the guests receive exactly the attention they are asking for, which can have an enormous inpact on customer satisfaction and revenue.

Are you worried about having too much clutter on the table? Well, it easily replaces the “Reserved” sign, if needed. In addition to this highly effective way of communication, it gives room for advertising and logos, which we usually see on napkins, coasters and glasses. Whenever the promotion ends or a new season is about to start, signs and drawings can be changed easily.

This product is a true all-rounder and a great asset to every caterer or gastronomer.

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