An Opportunity for Teachers and Students

The National Museum of Education in Partnership for America’s Future is a non-profit educational organization which has been offering programs to teachers and students for many years. The main goal is to help young inventors and their mentors to turn their ideas into success. Established in 1990 in Akron, Ohio, they have been able to come to some great achievements.

Here are a few examples: 85 students and teachers have been helped to turn their inventions into products that are now on the national market. The National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors was created, which annually honors up to six young inventors from across the country. Many national invention competitions have been developed, including Students Ideas for A Better America, which awards two student inventors each month.

These awards have been featured on CNN, Channel 1, TBS, CBS and countless local TV, radio, and national publications. The Freida J. Riley Teacher Award was publicized and administered, honoring teachers who overcome adversity for the sake of their students. Guidelines for the Craftsman/NSTA tool invention competition have been written in cooperation with SEARS. Many science and language camps have been organized and held, including French Camp, Energy Camp, and Rocket Camp. Sue Lyons, on our staff, is the original writer of Camp Invention, now owned and run by the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

The best known competition is SIBA, the Student Ideas for a Better America competition which runs all year. There are not due dates since the motto says “Innovation Knows No Time” and prices are given monthly. So if you or your students have a great idea for a new product or an improvement for an existing product or procedure, or even an educational concept, this might be a great opportunity to move one step further. Find more information on the website.

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